Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marry-Go-Round-3, Meet the parents!

K was in hibernation for the longest time. You thought I would come back with a whole lot of proceedings at the Gowda household? Ha, you get more than you asked for. Grab a popcorn, switch off your TV and read on.
So, the Gowdas (K’s parents) and Mudaliyars (Boxers parents) actually met! They saw eye to eye first time at Boxer’s house warming ceremony. Picture this, K convinces her parents to finally attend Boxer’s house warming ceremony (which was a day after they agreed for the wedding). The Gowdas are a little skeptical to go ahead and meet the Mudaliyars on their home turf. K (being as awesome as she is) convinces them to come with her. Thus, MOB and FOB get ready to go to the house warming ceremony along with beautiful looking K (smiles).
As soon as K and her parents alight from the car, Boxer comes at shooting speed and greets the In laws, and how? By falling at their feet! (Ha ha ha ha ha ha) so, the G’s and M’s meet. They are cordial, a lil uncomfortable, a lil hesitant, but most importantly “they meet”. Soon after, a meeting is fixed for the weekend at K’s house for a proper rendezvous between the Gs and the Ms.
It is Sunday morning and there is frenzy in Ks house! Every nook and corner is cleaned, house is spic and span. MOB has cooked a royal meal. FOB is walking around in tension, BOB is least bothered (as usual) and K has been decked up in a saree (the worst is yet to come) and some jewellery. The M’s arrive! So the elders talk and come to the conclusion that Boxer and K should get married since they look so happy with each other (awwwww….) whole hearted consent from both ends (along with some dramatic heart rendering speeches from both parties). The day ends with K and Boxer being the happiest couple on the planet!
Now that you have heard the preview, let’s get to the real deal. Here’s the (crazy fast forward) activity log:
The wedding preparation begins to gather momentum, how you may ask.
Dec 9 Thur: K’s parents agree.
Dec 10 Fri: G’s and M’s meet and exchange pleasantries.
Dec 12 Sun: G’s and M’s bond like long lost and reunited families in the Kumbh Mela. The “engagement” happens.
Dec 13 Mon: We meet the poojari to fix wedding dates.
Dec 14 Tue: Poojari gives 2 dates to choose from. April 23-24, May 21-22.
Dec 15 Wed: K roots for April, Boxer wants May. (K’s wish is granted finally)
Dec 16 Thur: The entire Khandaan searches for Marriage halls in the city, vacant for those 2 days. By evening a venue is booked.
Dec 17 Fri: Venue advance is paid.
Dec 19 Sun: K’s relatives (a few handpicked ones out of the crazy circus) are invited home to meet the M’s. (utterly boring Sunday)
Dec 20-25: Flower decorators, dhol people are booked.
Dec 26 Sun: G’s invite M’s meet again for breakfast. Why? Avain.
Dec 27-29: Frenzy planning by MOB for a “family” (G’s & Ms) trip!
Dec 30-Jan 03: K and Boxer run for their life, to breathe easy and actually celebrate in Goa!
Jan 04 Tue: M’s at home, to discuss the menu for the wedding.
Jan 05-07: Family Trip decided. Jan 9th the fateful day.
Jan 08 Sat: Cook is booked!
Jan 09-Jan10: Family road trip (to some temple, apparently to ward of the evil eye)
Jan 11-22: G’s household: Budgets lists, plans made (to spoil the remaining of all my meager weekends (yes I work on Saturdays)) more trips awaiting (this time to kanchipuram, to get a million sarees!)
M’s household: busy shifting to the new house.
Jan 23 Sun: The family meets at M’s place for breakfast. Why? Because apparently G’s were missing the M’s and vice versa.
PHEW! Now you know why I titled the Blog stories “Marry-Go-Round”. It’s just one dizzy round after the other!
It’s crazy; my life is on fast forward mode. Parents are going nuts all the time. I hear nothing but wedding talks left, right, center. Me and Boxer haven’t spent a single Sunday together without any “marriage related” or “house related” chore to do. Every conversation begins and ends with “What did your parents say about this? What did your parents say about that?” No time for the cozy walks or the lovey dovey talks. The “I love you’s” are reduced to quick “love u’s”. Parents wanting to be peacemakers of every argument and every conversation between us. Regular exchange of dabbas with Gowda or Mudaliyars food between the families. With the arc lights on MOB, FOB, FOG and MOG now, K and Boxer are reduced to being mute spectators.
Its madness, sheer madness (you will know if you have spoken to K lately, she will chew your brain off!). And yet, in all this madness, there is so much happiness. So much happiness that words fail to describe. As Boxer says “It’s like, our families are falling in love now….” (smiles)

P.S: Wedding is 3 months from now (89 days) and many more rounds on the “marry-go-round” to go!

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