Thursday, December 9, 2010

“Marry”- Go-Round -2, The one with all the happiness!

K is back!! After a 2 week hiatus and a whole lot of developments she’s back with a whole lot of news.
Ok getting to the story,
FOB convinces FOBF to convince K (it’s a vicious convincing cycle), K who never gets hassled by all these bacchhu threats gets shook up by one line FOBF tells her “MOB has told, Get any GG, making K agree is my responsibility”. (If you know MOB well, you should be shuddering now) K is in office when this happens and she rides back home like a crazy woman in an intent to bare all to MOB (which is a huge task! Given that MOB is super duper duper strict and not to mention a ‘potential terror’)

K reaches home, pre-occupied with thoughts about how to face MOB and actually reveal that she will and only will marry Boxer. MOB opens the door…. And voila! She is probably in the happiest mood that K has ever seen her in 24yrs! (Yes, the unrealistic movie masala unfolds) She is making Gujjias (kadabus) because K loves them. (sigh) Now how can K wipe off that once in lifetime appearing meteor-like smile on MOB’s face? K suppresses her secret and is talking all happy and gay to MOB. Now BOB (my rock) is continuously encouraging me and giving me the eyeballs to break the news to MOB. K walks into the kitchen which is filled with the aroma of hot Gujjias, she opens her mouth to start the topic, then she sees the pan of boiling oil on the stove and decides otherwise. By now FOB arrives. K is dying of heart twisting pain. The damn secret has to be told! Boxer is texting K and increasing the pressure. The Gowda family now sits down for the ritualistic dinner (where FOB watches TV, K reads newspaper, BOB texts people and MOB is lost in devious plan making) anyways, dinner is done. The secret is still not out. BOB decides K is good for nothing and decides to go to bed. K is reading the paper but does not know what she is reading. Finally the cat has to be out of the bag. The pressure is building. K will explode if she holds it in any longer. She can now hear screaming in her head (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Tell the damn thing!!!) at this point, she puts the paper down and asks MOB and FOB one straight question “So, what have you guys decided about my marriage?” (stand up and applaud people, it takes courage to do that in front of MOB) FOB and MOB have their foreheads twisted in a knot and with a look that is shooting daggers at K! (BOB has already cleared the surrounding for sharp objects which can be thrown at K) MOB is surprisingly quite, like a hungry lioness waiting to pounce at the right time. Whereas FOB acts like the Lion that is already devouring his prey! (For people who know “dad” that’s a shocker! Because I am apparently still “Daddy’s lil’ princess” on whose whims and fancies daddy’s world still runs) anyways, being a lawyer's daughter K gives a lot of credit to herself that she’s pretty darn good at arguing. But, my o my FOB turns out to be a super duper lawyer! He actually shut K’s mouth about everything even though K valiantly fought through the entire battle. K’s only comeback was “I am marrying only Boxer”. After a 3 hr long fight and retaining status-quo , the Gowda family retires to bed.

Sunday came and went. Still no sign of GG.

Oh wait a minute, this is where I sing

“Woh Gawar mera woh Gowda mera, Nahi aaya milne ko…
Cham cham cham ke meri bindiya, u dud gayi nindiya ho…”

Then, the eerily silence.

MOB stops talking to K (Expected. K is still alive, so that’s a good thing)

After a couple of days of being extra nice and over nice to her parents K decides, enough is enough and stops talking to them too. Now, FOB cannot bear to not talk to K. he thinks,thinks and thinks some more and then one final day, he calls K and tells her “Call his (Boxer) parents home” (K is tripping and fumbling and doing paltis in her mind) K goes mad with happiness! And decides to get Boxer’s parents home that Sunday! K and Boxer are overjoyed!!! No one ever expected that things would fall into place so easily! (a lil masala never hurts) but one clause, Boxer has to give his horoscope for matching! Ha ha ha! Boxer immediately finds his horoscope and gives it to K who inturn gives it to FOB. Now for the best part. The next 2 days are spent in K and Boxer googling online vedic horoscope matching websites to check compatibility!(ha ha ha ha ha ha, I am laughing so hard) Boxer who is this typical “I-Hate-Anything-To-Do-With-God-Or-Beliefs” kind of guy was actually heard telling K “Hey, try this this works well, we scored 34 on 36 (ha ha ha ha ha ha, yes, we actually did!) after all this drama and eagerly waiting for Sunday’s episode, Boxer and K went shopping for a new shirt, discussed the most decent hairstyle to look presentable (he has spikes) and decided his beauty regimen of shaving and scrubbing (I will get killed for this).

Sunday came and went. Still no sign of Boxer. (Apparently, Sunday was a bad day with no moon so he was asked not to come)

Now K sang,

“Woh pyaar mera woh Boxer mera, Nahi aaya milne ko…
Cham cham cham ke meri bindiya, u dud gayi nindiya ho…”

K started to wonder if this was all an eye wash to get K into being gullible. Tension, fear and disappointment prevailed…

And finally on this fateful day, an unsuspecting K comes home from gym to find boxes and boxes of jewellery lying on the bed and MOB hovering around it contemplating. K enters the room and asks what’s going on, FOB tells, choose what jewellery you want for your wedding. We have agreed to get you married to Boxer!!! (Now you can stand up and applaud) MOB has a-g-r-e-e-d!! She finally has!! And this Sunday Boxer’s parents are coming home. I hope I don’t have to sing again…!

K cannot write because of all the happy tears fogging her eyes right now. Yes, she is happy. VERY happy. As happy as she could be for the first time in 24yrs!

Anyways, If you are thinking, the masala and tadka was missing in K’s and Boxer’s story, well, you dunno what conspired for 12 years, do you? There was enough masala to make you laugh and cry for a really long time.

P.S: It’s true when people say:

Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more.”


  1. Congratulation and celebration
    finally k is going to get married....

  2. Yippppiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................
    NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA........
    bhavnaoo ko samjho...
    M sooooooooooo happy 4 u....

  3. thank god. this suspense was killing...

  4. congrats sweety..m so happy for is actually worth all the pain!