Sunday, October 10, 2010


Nope… Not happening. Come on you promised you would write regularly. I’ve to feed the dog. I can’t write, no mood. Put your heart to it, ok at least try. I am hungry. There is nothing called “try”, either you do it or you don’t and right now I don’t feel like at all! I want to listen to that song from Jogger’s Park.  Oh god it’s Sunday! I’ve got work tomorrow! Green tea is the way to go. Ok chuck it. Do what pleases you. I have to add a new playlist, the old one, well… got old. Ok I feel like writing now.
Phew! You have no idea what it is like to have Multiple Personality Disorder. Confessions of a peaceful soul.
Coming back. There is so much to talk about, that I will need so much more time to channelize all of it!
The week was madness, in most of the aspects. Madness born out of sheer boredom! Work is exhausting, workplace, don’t even get me started on that. Gym keeps me sane and drives me nuts ,all at the same time. Weekend? Blah!
Ok cribbing time’s done.
Actually it’s nice that my office is soooooooooooooooooooooooo far away from home (11kms qualifies for the extra vowels in my so) my love for riding eases the pain of the stupid traffic and the atrocities of my dear moronic fellow riders. Back at work is like being in a Bollywood movie. My office has everything in it, drama, action, comedy and tragedies from time to time. We have a brilliant cast who out do their own performances each time! The characters are handpicked from  what I suspect a Brazilian circus. More on that some other time.
Coming to the ride to and from office, I listen to music while I ride. It keeps me sane and keeps my road rage in check and ensures a pleasant ride and a smiling face when I get off at my destination. On this particularly miserable day, I decided to add a new playlist. Then started my eventful ride. After a series of besura songs, my music player suddenly decides to play “Koi jab tumhara hriday tod de” a super duper depressing and insanely slow song! Ugh! What are the chances! And to kill my boring day, I googled the song to learn that it was from Purab se Pachim 1970 haunting me on a stupid October morning of 2010! And you should know the interesting part, I let the songs play anyway! And thus they rolled on, one by one, making a beautiful bhelpuri out of my burned out brain.
So the remaining of the week was spent in cribbing a little more, waiting for Mr. Muscles to come back, cooking, window shopping, obsessing about my hair, annoying lizards, battling a ravaging fever (so dramatic), solving super interesting office issues, refusing birthday cakes and a wee bit of soul searching.
As the week passed on, I kneaded some sense into myself. Decided to give myself a break. So what did I do? Well, I wrote this blog. That’s how interesting life’s been.
P.S: Oh! I almost forgot… I need a freaking break.


  1. Hey..
    Read this one and started reading all of them..!
    Super stuff Kav..
    Keep it going;)

  2. " We have a brilliant cast who out do their own performances each time! "- This particular line caught my fancy .Wud love an elaboration on the same in your future blogs or even in person .
    Can hardly wait!!

    Neetha aka scribbler.

  3. @neetha: ur wish is my command! that'll be one hilarious and detailed post ;)

    and i am pretty sure you will enjoy it the most!