Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've decided to be a mean parent to my kids. It's really sad when kids are treated like prodigies because they win certificates and singing contests and things. Soon enough they'll grow up and realize they're actually pretty mediocre and then they'll have an identity crisis or something, so I might as well treat them like crap from the very beginning. I’m destined to be hated by my kids thanks to my superman husband who is plotting and planning to be the candy jar in disguise! So… well, I’ll be a wolfmother. Swing them around by the scruff of the neck. Take them horse riding and point and laugh if they fall off, chuck them into ponds to teach them to swim, place a jam jar with an insanely tight lid in front of them and demand they make their own sandwiches. What nice, tough, impossibly competent kids I'll have, proper gum-chewing twerps with life skills who'll understand the dignity of labor. At age ten they'll be repairing generators and computer circuits and things. Then they'll get on reality television and rough it out some more and get rich and thank me during interviews. Then there'll be delirious giggling....! he he he ;)

P.S: ;)


  1. I am gonna comment in tamil..Let's see if u can understand..Modala, pasangla apadi treat panave kudadhu. Apram, naan idala ungakitairandhu ethirpakala..pasange romba kastha padaporanga..aana romaba katpanga kuda

  2. Please understand animals do not have thought processes to create beliefs. Treating humans as animals would be inefficient.

  3. @ Hari & Chandu sir: This was just a sarcastic take on Motherhood. I'm definitely going to be the Sugar dipped angel to my kids for sure ;) But this was so much fun to write ;)