Saturday, August 7, 2010

Profound crap!

Workinggggggggggg! Saturday!!!! Weather!!!! Traffic!!!! Economy!! Fuel prices!!! Ooooooo…damn! to add to the misery... My feet hurt. My feet hurt so much I think I might have either juvenile arthritis or a deeper, more horrifying malady. Or maybe it's just a week spent in the most insipid way possible, I don't know. Either way I want to hammer a huge nail into the wall slowly and insistently, that's how bad it is.

But that wasn't the point at all. I'm such a whiner sometimes I think I'll get NEEDY tattooed on my forehead. Bah!!

So. I love the smell of lemon, and the smell of homemade ghee wafting through the house when I return from work (I don’t eat it, that’s a different story altogether!). I love that one particular lyric right in the middle of a song which turns it into something I will look all over the internet for. I love, love, love watching color around me in a way that scares me sometimes, I get royally ticked off if things don't look like they're the exact color they were meant to be.

I love raw guavas, and ripe purple Jamuns!!! And I love the things used to decorate public buses. Also cabs. Images or statues of gods, right in front of the driver, with flashing lights going red-blue-green-purple in that hypnotic way, I love riding my bike…it's therapy like no other. I love annoying tiny kids (he he he) and I loooooooooooooooooooove dogs!!

I especially love kiddy socks and underwear with cartoon characters all over them. And the slow way in which ground sandalwood paste dries up on some ones forehead!

I love writing, but I can't seem to do much of it nowadays.

I love the fact that this post would have had different loves on it had I started writing it ten minutes before, or ten minutes after I actually did. Physics, existence, the human brain, whatever, I increasingly think the only way I can be happy is to work for a television, hosting some cool show. But that is another parallel fantasy altogether!

P.S: Lame thoughts I say!

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