Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Idiosyncracies and peccadilloes...

Love is of elusive quality, something very similar to luck. If one needs it and even wishes for it hard enough, there’s certainly no genie appearing from the lamp to grant it to you on a platter. At the same time, all I know is if one knows where to find it, one can hold on to it…. forever. And oh, the channels to discover love, so many and varied. Through people, animals, work, pastime, eating ;) and so on….

Our very idea of love and romance is so much influenced by movies and books (mills and boons anyone?) love at first sight, the thudding of the heart, the breathlessness, and oh… how can I forget the song in the heart.. makes one go mmmmmmmmmmmmm don’t they? But (there’s always a but at the end of the rainbow)…. Is love like this?

I’ve met people who have claimed to be influenced by all these factors and sometimes more ;) dreamy eyes, lost expressions, countless hours over the phone. It’s at this point the movie ends with “They happily lived ever after” idea. It’s at this stage that their hunky dory hoopla hoop world is bombarded with the harsh realities of the world around them. What happens later? Aaahaaa ;)

Everyone has their own lil’ set of idiosyncrasies… like, I’ve never eaten any meal without spilling it on myself (table manners can take a hike) or my obsession with people splitting because of a tree or obstacle (it’s a weird fear that friendship splits if we split while walking… has never worked for me though) I need to touch my hair every 10secs.. I can’t remember names of roads, I speak in loooooong continuous sentences without pauses… I hate getting wet in the rain… I lose balance almost everytime! I use hell a lot of adjectives to describe stuff ;) I pet animals whether they are dirty or diseased…I cannot write or type stuff if I don’t format the page first (borders and spacing etc etc) I clean my room when im pissed off… these are the tiny lil’ stuff about me, the peccadilloes that irritate people… it’s love when you don’t tolerate their idiosyncrasies but grow to love them because of it. Sharing every thought under the sun, learning things together (handwriting analysis class!), exploring, fighting over petty stuff and making up, getting hurt, laughing loudly at silly jokes, enjoying roadside chaais :) ‘almost’ holding hands while walking, kissing in the rain, feeding the first bite to the other person, picking out names for our kids (even fighting over it), feeling jealous already about who will be the cooler one with the kids, waking up to the sound of their voice… and it goes on and on and on…

Finally… its we who decide who gets into our weird lil world and our messed up lil hearts… we are all pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, senseless, stupid and imperfect, we need another piece of the jigsaw which is stupid and imperfect to complete the picture…

“Im not perfect,

Neither is he

But together,

We just maybe”

P.S: I've found my jigsaw piece, it’s a perfect fit and i love it.. :)


  1. I just want to say that it is awsome.And as predicted by you,I loved it.

  2. oh my lady love its so so so true............ its very sweeeeeeeeeeeet......... waiting for more..............

    i dont know but all i know is dat i know u.........

  3. No words for this.... U are always awesome