Monday, April 9, 2012

My Bucket List :)

  1. Reach my ideal weight and maintain it. 
  2.  Build a snow man. 
  3.  Run a Marathon. 2012, 2013 and 2014 - 10k!
  4. Go on a cruise trip.Go to every continent
  5. Get all the pages in my passport stamped.
  6. Go scuba diving without puncturing an ear drum. (du’h)
  7. Visit Disney Land!
  8. Visit the TajMahal.
  9. Make a quilt with pictures of loved ones like in the movie “stepmom”.
  10. Have my picture in the newspaper. 
  11. Eat everything I ever wanted to, without guilt and grief from anyone. Hahahahahahahaha
  12. Save someone’s life.
  13. Learn to ice-skate.
  14. Learn Bharatnatyam without a care for anything.
  15. Find a job I love.
  16. Go up in a hot-air balloon.
  17. Get re-married in a white flowing gown
  18. Sleep outdoors watching the stars. On a dark night in June :)
  19. Do Bungee jump and Skydiving.
  20. Take pictures in a photo booth with husband and kids and make a HUGE scrap book.
  21. Get a tattoo!  2014 Birthday :)
  22. Go to a costume party all decked up. Last year Toastmasters meeting!
  23. Take my family for an all paid super vacation.
  24. Touch a dolphin. Singapore Trip 2013
  25. Learn to swim. March 2012
  26. Be a strict vegetarian for 30 days!
  27. Learn yoga on a beach 
  28.  Help someone in real need  don't ask don't tell
  29. Sing really lame, lousy and loud in a karaoke night at a friend's home party long ago
  30. Go wild in Rio de Janeiro carnival
  31. Witness the grand migration safari of animals in Kenya
  32. Go to a big ass theme park and go on every single ride! Even the silly ones!
  33. See the great Himalayas in person (even if I don’t climb it)
  34. Ride a camel in the desert!
  35. Experience Weightlessness
  36. Be the one
  37. Watch my brother fall in love
  38. Take a solo trip somewhere. August 2013 - Singapore
  39. Fall crazily, dangerously, and hopelessly in love  :)
  40. Write poetry people do crazy things sometimes :)
  41. Do something really really extraordinary so that all the other things on this list seem like no big deal.
  42. Become a mother November 2013 - got Romi :)


  1. no:37 i can help...

  2. no:12 will i be on it???

  3. That is a verryyyy long bucket list. By the way, Taj Mahal is on me. Will show it to you. #FreeGuide

  4. Ooo lala what love I say!

    @Suvin: yay! Thanks! Wanna do it bad! Also, ofcourse the KASUSH team will be on my quilt!

    @ Appy: Aren't you the wonder woman :) so sweet :) thanks!!

  5. make a difference to someone?

  6. Chandu Sir, I am already doing that :) I did send you a message about it!

    I am a part of which is a Trust that aims to match urban poor children, enrolled in formal education programs, to professionals, who will serve as their mentors, based on shared academic, career and personal interests. I mentor girls around the age of 13-15 over a period of time.