Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Summer Scoops!

Life is good. There is the new found husband, the new job, new office, new people to get bugged with. Basically, life is happening. But, lethargy unfortunately, is taking precedence over all this. Hence, the less frequent posts!
Anyways, can you believe SUMMER is here!! I have always loved summers. Most people look shocked when I say that, but I do. Really. The reasons, I have always stated as (a) Mangoes, (b) Mangoes and (c) Mangoes. But here's a revelation. The principle reason why I loved summers was “Summer Vacations”! Two and a half months of blissful laziness, no school/college, no getting up early, no deadlines, no time-tables! Oh, such was life! Post the evil “work life” began; I do not have summer vacations! Instead I will be slogging it out in office and definitely not be sleeping at home, sweet home. And that thought is depressing, to say the least. In sweet memory of the summers that I loved, here's a list of things that made me fall in love with it:
  • The huge family gatherings where all my cousins would come to my grandparents’ house for the summers.
  • All kids sleeping in one row on joint blankets (we were at least 8-9 of us) because we refused to sleep in proper rooms with fans and beds.
  • Waking up at 5am to go on long walks with Grandpa and then feed sparrows on our way back
  • Evening/morning walks, started enthusiastically as daily routines, gradually becoming a twice a week event and then, once in a blue moon event!
  • Making sure we had ice-cream every day after lunch.
  • Also, ate lollies or cone ice-creams from the street cart fellow!
  • Mangoes and chilled Lemonades with extra sugar.
  • White Cotton shirts with shorts and slippers.
  • Hot afternoons spent in dark rooms, with closed curtains, a loud whirring fan, wind zipping through the hair.
  • Lazy days spent watching afternoon soaps on TV.
  • Curling up in a corner, reading novels, till eyes start to water.
  • Writing spelling tests on all the huge words read in the novel and acing them ( yup, my mom was famous for her “summer-tests”)
  • Renting cycles for 30mins every day! (Nope, I never owned a cycle, dad always thought Il fall off of it and die! *did I mention he’s a daughter neurotic*)
  • Nights on the porch peppered with idle conversations on latest household gossip.
  • The failed attempts at making Kulfi, throughout the season. By the time we mastered it, the season would end.
  • Random movies on Star Movies and HBO, watching repeats of shows on Star World.
  • The 4pm snack - a mixture of all random eatables found in the kitchen, mixed in uneven proportions, smacked generously with ketchup to hide the inability to conjure up a delicacy. It was always tasty nonetheless.
  • Long showers with the gardening pipe, watering the garden if water was left, the smell of wet mud, washing the face a zillion times!
  • Home-Made bubble blowers!
  • Random hobbies that were forgotten about by the end of the vacation. List includes Painting, Guitar, cooking, philately, sketching, cartooning. Yeah. Needless to say, none worked.
  • Most of all, Mangoes! Heaps and heaps of them. All summer clothes had yellow stains!
P.S:  I will go spend my pseudo summer trapped in the office air conditioning. *sigh*

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  1. Ohh you are a summer person too and for exactly the same reason...SUMMER VACATIONS !! God i miss those !!