Sunday, January 24, 2010

♬...Love happens once, the rest is just life...♬

Sitting in a BMTC bus at 8.00a.m in the morning, watching the world go by… not a perfect setting for writing your heart out… yet… when it comes to love… the brain shuts down and my tiny lil heart does most of the thinking... a barrage of questions and yet it all makes perfect sense...

Is it love when you start missing mushy mobile calls saying I love you at odd hours? Is it love when the ego inflates to such imposable proportions that you actually start hurting because you want to be with them but you can’t? Is it love when you pamper your sweetheart more during times she hurts or when she treats you like a kid while handling all your mood swings? Is it love when you love them the most when they deserve it the least because that’s when they need you the most? Is it love when you feel alone in a crowd when he’s not around? Is it love when the heartbreaks move beyond immeasurable proportions of anger and resentment or when spells of heart glue them together? Is it love when even the thought of his messed up hair in the morning makes you start writing romantic poetry? Is it love when it becomes sweetest of all sensations or is it when it becomes rarest of all relations? Is it love when you think of them from the lounge rooms of your home to the boardrooms of your office? Is it love when you start believing the nutcases around you? Is it love when you watch him gasping in delight and bask in delirium? Is it love when you ache for him when you see other couples holding hands? Is it love when it breaks relationships in life or when it creates newer pastures of companionship? Is it love when its enigmatic nature makes you go through the ups and downs on your heart's smooth surface? Is it love when it brings the smiles across all our faces or is it when it streaks the tear down our cheeks? Is it love when you are being so purposefully cryptic to safeguard details or when you want to scream out the secret in the open?

P.S: As the final quest begins in answering all these questions one by one, as the mystery unfolds in front of all of us, and as life throws surprises every now and then, we realize among all these emotional roller coaster rides of life and relationships, that, Love is always there, in some cute corner, waiting to be found!


  1. don't know if that is love but if you believe then "ya" it is and if you don't den it never will be .........
    hehehehehe its interesting to see wat you got to say........iam exicted to read more of you...therz something that tells me in your words i do see a mirror image of wat i feel inside my keep writing........

  2. love is something that you give it away and it comes right back to you. its just like a magic penny hold it tight,you won't get any, lend it spend it give it away and it comes right back to you. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not boast ,it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self seeking, it isnot easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love never ever fails. Have a Lovely life ahead, Oh!!! and btw cool blog:)

  3. I don't know that whatever you told is love or not. I don't know what is it exactly...
    But I just want to ask you that how did you read my heart.... how can you tell everything what I feel...
    Waiting to read more of you.

  4. Love ????
    Now a biggest question mark in my life!!!

    Love is trust or Trust is Love ????
    Love is Expectation or Expectation is Love???
    Love is Life or Life is Love???
    Finally, We are here to love or we are here because of Love????

    Yes, a biggest question mark in my life..

    Ur Bro

  5. its usual, kavya...:)

    love is..

    probably the weirdest thing on earth..u know its gonna hurt u but still u wanna hold on so that it can hurt u a Lil more....
    but a glimpse & a smile makes ur life wqorthwhile....:)

  6. Be-au-ti-ful start!!! Keep writing!!! It brought a smile to my face!!! and thats rare!!! :-)

  7. Well written Kavya. But next time sit beside a river and not a BMTC bus stand! And ya, is it love?